Custom Projects

Yalos Murano Developement

Yalos Murano, in compliance with the continuous research and experimentation that has historically distinguished it in the production of original Murano artistic glass, places its wealth of experience and know-how in the interior design sector at your disposal to create customized projects and commissioned by customers.

Yalos Murano Tech Lab

murano glass plates

Our strong point is the Murano glass panes, of various formats, of changing colors, with multiple decorations and unique and precious blends for interior and exterior design.

The technical and aesthetic characteristics of Murano glass make it suitable for any intended use, for limitless modularity, indoors and outdoors, allowing for complete design, from an apartment to a building.

exterior design with murano glass
technical Lab Yalos Murano

The technical division of Yalos Murano is dedicated to supporting the world of design and construction not only in the creation of surface coating systems for interiors and exteriors, but also on furnishing components such as sinks, table accessories, decorative vases.


Proposals and realizations in Italy and in the world have made it possible to develop extremely reliable and safe systems and solutions by supporting architects, designers and builders during the entire design and construction process.

Corporate Gifts

Elegance and class are messages you can convey to your business partners

We can expressly create corporate gifts, even in large quantities, to honor your employees or consolidate a business partnership.

Favors and gift ideas

Thanks to an advanced production capacity and the presence of renowned glass masters, we are also specialized in the production of wedding favors and gift ideas for special events.

Murano Glass Favors

Personalized glasses, bowls and saucers in Murano glass are some of the gift ideas that can make the most beautiful day of your life unique.

Murano glass wedding favors are the ideal choice for a gift that does not fall into the banality of a common object, as it becomes a real collector’s item.

If you are a private individual or a wedding planner, Yalos Murano is the ideal partner for planning gift favours.